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GTA 6 Online Heists: Could They Be Even More Complex?

It's possible that GTA 6 could introduce even more complex online heists than those in GTA 5. Rockstar Games has a track record of improving upon previous features and mechanics with each new installment of the series. Online heists were first introduced in GTA Online, and they allowed players to team up and plan and execute elaborate heists. They required coordination and communication between players, and players could take on different roles within the heist, such as the driver or the hacker. In GTA 5, there were five main heists, each with its own set of planning stages and objectives. However, some players felt that the heists could have been more complex and challenging. It's possible that GTA 6 could introduce new elements to heists, such as more intricate planning stages, new objectives, and a greater variety of heist locations. Rockstar Games could also explore new ways to challenge players, such as introducing random events or obstacles during the heist that force players to think on their feet and adjust their plans on the fly.

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