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GTA 6 Characters: Who Could We Play As?

One of the most exciting aspects of a new GTA game is the potential for new characters to play as. While there has been no official announcement about the characters in GTA 6, there have been rumors and speculations about who we could potentially play as. One popular theory is that the game could feature a female protagonist, which would be a first for the franchise. This could potentially bring a fresh perspective to the game and could allow for new storylines and gameplay mechanics. Another theory is that the game could feature multiple protagonists, similar to GTA 5. This would allow players to switch between characters and experience different perspectives and storylines. There have also been rumors that the game could feature a returning character from a previous GTA game, such as CJ from GTA San Andreas or Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City. While this is a possibility, it's important to keep in mind that these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. Ultimately, the characters in GTA 6 are anyone's guess at this point. However, it's safe to say that Rockstar Games will create memorable and compelling characters that players will enjoy playing as. GTA 5 Modder Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods Creator on Patreon:

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