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Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors Kick Into High Gear, An Announcement Could Be Imminent

It has been six and a half years since Grand Theft Auto V first came out, and in our review, we found it offered up a triple dose of satirical fun. To an extent, the game still holds up today, and of course Grand Theft Auto Online has given it some legs (check out the role playing videos on YouTube for a good laugh). What about the next installment, though? Rumor has it Grand Theft Auto VI is about to get announced. Five years lapsed between the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA V, and we are already beyond that point. It is also a foregone conclusion that a GTA VI will materialize—it's too popular of a franchise for Rockstar Games to suddenly abandon. Rumors have swirled for months, including one in December in which someone claiming to be a beta tester dished up a ton of supposed details.

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